Florida Delray Beach Propane Leak Containment

Delray Beach, Florida, witnessed a potential disaster skillfully handled by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue teams who swiftly managed a propane leak on October 31. Responding to an emergency call, the special operations units arrived at a location on Del Prado Drive to find a propane truck with a significant leak originating from its tank and pump system.

Residents were evacuated as a precaution while the fire crews worked tirelessly to resolve the situation. Traditional methods to cease the leak proved ineffective, leading to the implementation of a “wet-plug” technique, which decreased the leak’s intensity. Fire units prepared for a possible “burn-off” scenario as a contingency, though it ultimately proved to be unnecessary.

With the arrival of an emergency technician from Florida Public Utilities, a collaborative effort with the PBCFR team led to a solution that alleviated the pressure, enabling the closure of the tank valve and the cessation of the leak.

The on-site fire rescue units dedicated approximately three hours to the incident, ensuring the area was secure and residents could return to regular routines without further concern.

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