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Industry Insights: Provides updates on significant issues in the propane industry, including Congressional legislation, regulatory actions, code changes, and news affecting Propane Insider members.

Event Notifications: Sends notifications about major industry events such as trade shows, award nominations, and meetings. Frequency and Reach: Sent twice a week to more than 30,000 subscribers each time, ensuring broad and regular dissemination of information.

Market Standout: Positions your brand as the top choice for propane-related services, helping you stand out in the competitive market.

Custom Email Campaigns: Enables reaching the target audience through personalized email campaigns, establishing a unique connection outside of Propane Insider.

Press Release Features: Offers the opportunity to be featured on press releases, with expert writers crafting compelling articles that resonate with the audience.

Preferred Supplier Opportunity: Provides the chance to become the preferred supplier for potential clients seeking your products.

Custom Email Promotion: Facilitates reaching the target audience with a custom email promotion, separate from Propane Insider's regular communications.

Website Coverage: Amplifies reach by offering coverage on the highly-trafficked Propane Insider website, maximizing visibility within the industry.

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