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  • Beautifies and Protects (500 gallon propane tanks)
  • Improves the appearance and finish of any landscape
  • Installs in minutes
  • Helps prevent tank weathering
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Choose from 2 popular patterns
About the product

Tank Wear is a New Product

Tank Wear is a new product, enhancing the look and function of your 500-gallon propane tank. Cover your ugly and rusting tank with a beautifully fitted, waterproof cover. Tank Wear comes in two popular patterns (Forest Camo & Eagle Flag) and gives propane tanks that designer look. The “Forest Camo” blends seamlessly with the natural landscape surrounding your property; the “Eagle Flag” decorates your tank with a symbol of national pride. Tank Wear is designed to install in minutes and fit snuggly and securely around the unit while providing easy access to the fill dome, relief, and withdrawal valves.


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Tank Wear Beautifies and Protects

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Tank Wear is a snug fitting, water and UV resistant propane tank cover

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Improves the appearance and finish of any landscape

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Fits standard 500 gallon propane tank with inline venting

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A peel back dome cover keeps out snow and ice & helps prevent pests from nesting

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Helps prevent weathering and paint chipping

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Installs in minutes with one person

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3 year limited warranty

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Choose from 2 popular designs

Limited time offer

10% Off Prelaunch Special

Homeowners enjoy an esthetically pleasing view and improved curb appeal, while residential propane marketers’ benefit, as well. Tank Wear’s waterproof and UV resistant material reduces harmful weather exposure. The tank’s fill dome is covered by a tethered hood that attaches with Velcro to assure easy and debris free access. This feature keeps snow and ice from forming on the dome and deters insects (hornets & wasps), birds, snakes, and rodents from nesting. This is a great feature that can improve a route drivers’ performance, comfort, and safety.

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