Luzerne County, PA Propane-Powered Fleet Transition

COURTDALE, PA — Nicholas Trucking, a mail delivery service based in Luzerne County, PA, has moved towards a more eco-friendly operation by introducing three propane-powered vehicles to its fleet. The company, situated in the town of Courtdale, reports that these vehicles, which serve as alternatives to diesel, have already begun to demonstrate fuel cost savings.

According to the Propane Education and Research Council, vehicles running on propane can emit up to 90 percent fewer pollutants than their diesel counterparts. This environmental benefit aligns with Nicholas Trucking’s greener business initiatives. Financially supported by grants and fueled by rebates, the transition to propane was facilitated without compromising performance.

Chief Operating Officer, Alex Nicholas, shared his initial concerns about power deficiency with propane vehicles. However, these concerns were quickly dispelled after experiencing the vehicles’ impressive performance in challenging conditions, including uphill climbs and cold starts.

Propane is recognized as the third most commonly utilized vehicle fuel. In a testament to its growing adoption, over 22,000 school buses nationwide have already integrated propane into their transportation practices.

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