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Exosent Engineering is dedicated to designing and manufacturing top-tier LPG transport trailers and related equipment. Their focus is on creating products that are safe, efficient, and durable, meeting the highest industry standards.

Exosent Engineering


  • Installation and maintenance LPG Transport Trailers:
    Low center of gravity designs to enhance stability and reduce rollover risks
  • Installation and maintenance Bobtail Tanks:
    Customizable options to meet diverse transport needs
  • Installation and maintenance Storage Tanks:
    Secure and robust solutions for large-scale storage

Key Features:

  • Installation and maintenance Safety:
    Advanced safety features integrated into all products
  • Installation and maintenance Efficiency:
    Aerodynamic designs that improve fuel efficiency
  • Installation and maintenance Customization:
    Tailored solutions to fit specific customer requirements
  • Installation and maintenance Quality Assurance:
    Multiple industry certifications ensure the highest quality standards


  • Installation and maintenance Repair and Maintenance:
    Comprehensive services to maintain and repair equipment, ensuring longevity and reliability
About Exosent Engineering
  • About Exosent Engineering:
    Exosent Engineering prides itself on innovation and quality. With a team of experienced engineers and a commitment to excellence, they deliver products that set the benchmark in the LPG transport industry.

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