Propane Fire Incident at Sugar Ridge RV Village & Campground in Danville, Vermont

On June 26, 2023, a propane gas venting from a broken line caused a sizable fire column at Sugar Ridge RV Village & Campground in Danville, Vermont.

The incident occurred when a Chevrolet truck driven by one of the campers accidentally struck the fill pipe of the campground’s 500-gallon underground propane tank, causing the line to break. Within minutes, the leaked propane ignited, leading to the column of fire.

Multiple firefighting departments quickly responded to the scene. They directed water hoses toward the truck and a nearby bathhouse to prevent the flames from spreading. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, although the car suffered considerable front-end damage.

As a precautionary measure, campers in the bathhouse area at Peone Path and Stella Dora Drive were instructed to move to a safe distance. At the same time, firefighters contained the fire and allowed the propane to burn itself out. It took some time to extinguish the fire fully. Mary Fenoff, co-owner of the campground, mentioned that the propane tank had recently been filled.

Fenoff spoke with the camper who accidentally struck the pipe and confirmed that the individual was unharmed, albeit frightened by the incident. She expressed gratitude that no injuries occurred and emphasized the campground’s commitment to safety.

Sugar Ridge RV Village & Campground, with 150 occupied sites at the time, has operated for 25 years. The prompt response from firefighting departments, including Danville, Peacham, Concord, Lyndonville, and Walden, along with the assistance of Peacham Rescue in providing medical care, helped mitigate the situation effectively.

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