Newport News, Virginia – NNPS Receives Government Grant for Propane School Buses

Newport News Public Schools in Newport News, Virginia have secured a $525,000 grant to enhance their transportation fleet with eco-friendly alternatives, transitioning from diesel to propane-powered school buses. This funding, part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean School Bus Grant, will support the acquisition of 15 new propane school buses.

This initiative is part of a broader national effort under the Clean School Bus Program Grants Competition, which distributed nearly $1 billion to 67 applicants nationwide. With this latest addition, Newport News will increase its propane bus fleet from 153 to 168, making up over half its total fleet of 318 buses.

Shay Coates, the executive director of student transportation at NNPS, highlighted the significant impact of this shift. “Adding propane-fueled buses not only supports environmental initiatives but also offers substantial savings in fuel and maintenance costs for the district,” Coates explained.

The EPA’s Clean School Bus Program has made substantial strides in promoting environmental justice and economic growth by funding around 5,000 electric and low-emission buses nationwide, amounting to nearly $2 billion in awards. These efforts aim to improve air quality for students and their families while supporting the transition to more sustainable transportation solutions.

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