Eastern Propane Gas Inc. Acquires Blue Flame Gas Co.: A Propane Industry Merger

Eastern Propane Gas Inc. has achieved a significant milestone by successfully acquiring the business assets of R.B. Sahagen Inc., which operates under the name Blue Flame Gas Co. This strategic acquisition brings together two long-standing and respected companies in the propane industry.

Based in Rangeley, Maine, Blue Flame Gas Co. has been a trusted full-service provider of propane sales, delivery, and appliances, with the added convenience of a retail store offering various home products. Founded in 1998 by Robert and Jeannine Sahagen, the company has grown steadily under their dedicated leadership. Their son Aaron Vryhof and his wife Meagan Vryhof also joined as owners, contributing significantly to the company’s development.

Blue Flame Gas Co. expanded its reach and services through strategic acquisitions and fostering solid relationships with builders and contractors in northeast New England. Their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service has been a cornerstone of their remarkable success.

In contrast, Eastern Propane is a fourth-generation family business with a rich history from 1932. Originating as a hardware store, it has evolved into a prominent LP gas retailer and wholesaler in the region. Under the steadfast leadership of the Clement family, Eastern Propane has earned a reputation as a trustworthy and customer-focused industry leader.

The acquisition of Blue Flame Gas Co. by Eastern Propane aligns perfectly with the latter’s commitment to prioritizing customer service. The company eagerly welcomes the Blue Flame Gas Co. team into its family, recognizing the expertise and experience brought by the Sahagen and Vryhof families as invaluable assets that will contribute to the ongoing success of both organizations.

This transaction was facilitated with the expert assistance of Cetane Associates, a trusted advisor who provided guidance and support throughout the process. Eastern Propane and Blue Flame Gas Co. anticipate a seamless transition. They are confident that this acquisition will enable them to serve their customers better and further solidify their positions in the competitive propane market.

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