Vermont Legislature Overrides Veto, Propane Industry Continues Battle for Fairness

Recently, the Vermont Legislature achieved a significant milestone by overriding Governor Scott’s veto of S.5, also known as the Affordable Heat Act. This bill, aimed at promoting affordable and clean heating solutions, tasks the public utility commission with developing a clean heat standard. The objective is to discourage traditional fossil fuel-based heating sources, such as propane, and encourage customers to adopt alternative thermal options like heat pumps, wood stoves, and renewable molecules.

Leslie Anderson, the Executive Director of the Propane Gas Association of New England (PGANE), has been at the forefront of the battle against this bill throughout multiple legislative sessions. Anderson expressed her concerns and intentions, stating, “PGANE is collaborating with the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association to assess potential legal avenues we can pursue, particularly in light of the recent ruling by the Ninth Circuit in the Berkeley case. We are profoundly disappointed by the misinformation campaign orchestrated by Vermont’s majority leadership, especially considering the overwhelming response from Vermont citizens who voiced their apprehension regarding the passage of this Act. It was undoubtedly a challenging advocacy fight, and while our success was limited, we managed to secure the inclusion of a relatively weak call-back provision in the Senate bill. Additionally, two of our ten requests were added to the House bill.”

Despite the disappointments, Anderson’s determination remains steadfast as she and PGANE continue to protect the interests of the propane industry and its customers in Vermont. The journey ahead may be arduous, but their commitment to advocating for fair and informed decision-making remains unwavering.

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