Unique Lodging Experience in Kempster: Stay in a Restored WWII Plane

When planning your rural Wisconsin getaway, you might consider the usual options like hotels or rentals. However, for a truly unique experience, why not stay in a meticulously renovated World War II plane?

Joe Draeger, the owner of Draeger Propane in Antigo, embarked on this distinctive venture just over a year ago. He purchased an old DC-3 plane from a local business in Oshkosh renowned for restoring vintage aircraft.

But why a plane? “The younger generation loves it, and many people have creative ideas like this on their bucket list,” explains Draeger. “I saw something resembling a smaller aircraft and thought, ‘What if someone did a full-size airplane?'”

While Draeger is still delving into the plane’s historical background, he knows it was built in 1941 and served during WWII. “This plane, to our knowledge, flew in the South Pacific between Guam, Midway, and Pearl Harbor,” Draeger reveals.

The meticulous restoration took months, but now, this vintage plane offers a unique lodging experience. Inside, you’ll find two cozy beds, carefully selected furniture, a functional TV with a special antenna location (at the nose of the plane), a shower, and a toilet.

As for its popularity, Draeger happily shares, “It’s been rented every weekend since I opened it, and it’s booked for the next six weekends over the next two months.”

During warmer months, guests can enjoy a grill on the outdoor deck and even dip in the nearby lake. Plus, don’t fret about the cold weather; the plane is equipped with heating for a comfortable stay year-round.

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