Success Stories: School Districts Embrace Propane-Autogas School Buses as a Cleaner and Affordable Alternative to Diesel

RENO, Nevada – Representatives from various school district departments recently shared their successful experiences and strategies in transitioning to propane-autogas school buses. The panel highlighted the advantages of propane as a cleaner, more affordable, and easily implementable alternative to diesel.

Brian Domph, the chief mechanic for Columbia Falls Schools in Montana, initially had reservations about propane but became an advocate after receiving education and support from powertrain provider ROUSH CleanTech. He emphasized that propane engines are as easy to work on as diesel engines and require less maintenance.

Kelly Rhodunda, Transportation Director from Upper Moreland School District in Pennsylvania, discussed their district’s switch from an aging diesel fleet to propane with assistance from ROUSH CleanTech.

Clay Gleason, Superintendent of Bonny Eagle School District MSAD #6 in Maine, expressed their commitment to replacing remaining diesel buses with propane, highlighting their state-of-the-art infrastructure facility.

The panelists stressed the importance of education to dispel misconceptions about propane. They encouraged others not to fear propane and to learn about its many benefits. They shared incidents demonstrating the safety of propane school buses.

hand-holding-green-earth-imageCost savings were discussed, with Rhodunda urging districts to analyze current operations and compare them to potential savings offered by propane. Financial impacts and fleet replacement cycles were important factors to consider.

Regarding environmental concerns and zero-emissions regulations, Domph presented the safety and durability of propane equipment. Rhodunda highlighted competitive pricing and the suitability of propane for her district when electric buses were not financially viable.

Gleason concluded by emphasizing the importance of prioritizing student safety while acknowledging the complexity of achieving truly zero emissions.

Overall, the panel showcased the benefits of propane-autogas school buses through real-world success stories, encouraging other districts to consider this alternative fuel option.

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