Revolutionizing Propane Delivery: Westmor Industries’ Advanced Solutions for Efficiency and Growth

Propane Delivery – Westmor Industries is proud to introduce the enhanced Pathway Delivery System, a sought-after feature available on their Blueline bobtails and Proline transports. Designed with convenience in mind, this system incorporates a swiveling hose reel, allowing drivers to choose the optimal hose position for their delivery routes.

In addition, their renowned Blueline distribution trailer boasts a spacious 6,000-gallon cargo tank, while the Flex Fill System offers a range of preconfigured options for flow rates, varying from 65 to 130 gallons per minute. Among the notable advantages are dual hose reels, which minimize pump cavitation and extend the pump’s lifespan, as confirmed by Westmor.

Many companies such as Westmor have taken steps to improve their delivery operations in order to optimize efficiency and growth. How about you? As propane business owners, now is the time to elevate your delivery systems to new heights. allows you to streamline your operations and maximize efficiency. Our advanced technologies not only automate and simplify daily tasks but also enable the early identification and resolution of safety and maintenance issues.

With instant incident reporting and notifications from the field, you can maintain the highest standards of compliance and safety. Harnessing the full potential of GPS, camera, touch screen, and voice-to-text capabilities, you can closely manage tank locations and inventory, ensuring a comprehensive and organized approach.

Embrace the future of propane management with our streamlined paperless system. Say goodbye to lost forms, illegible handwriting, and costly clerical errors. Our meticulously crafted solution, developed by propane industry attorneys and insiders, ensures that all forms are completed once in the field, instantly reported to the office, and easily readable. This seamless transition eliminates the frustrations of manual paperwork, enabling you to focus on your core business objectives.

Furthermore, Tank Spotter offers a complete solution to minimize risks, increase compliance and safety, and optimize service and sales management. By utilizing this state-of-the-art technology, you gain unparalleled insights into the location, address, size, and fuel provider of every propane and heating oil tank in your area.

With this knowledge, you can execute targeted marketing campaigns with precision, eliminating unnecessary costs and wasteful strategies. Embrace the opportunity to assert your dominance in your territory and establish a firm foothold in the market, capturing every potential fuel customer within your reach.

Like Westmor Industries, are you dedicated to revolutionizing your propane delivery systems with cutting-edge solutions? If so, then it’s time for you to upgrade your operations and experience the transformative power of Tank Spotter. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and seize growth potential. Contact us now at and embark on a new journey towards propane management excellence.

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