Nicholas Trucking’s Eco-Friendly Propane Fleet

Pennsylvania’s Nicholas Trucking Co. Inc., a long-standing family-owned USPS mail contractor, has begun integrating propane autogas vehicles into its operations. This year, it witnessed the deployment of three Ford F-750 propane vehicles, with plans to introduce five additional vehicles over the coming year.
Driven by the escalating costs of diesel – where propane offers about 50% savings per gallon – the company is already observing a reduction of more than 53% in fuel expenses. On top of that, the federal alternative tax credit promises further savings of $0.37 per gallon.

Alexander Nicholas, the firm’s Chief Operations Officer, emphasizes their objective to transition away from diesel in favor of more environmentally conscious alternatives for their 45-vehicle fleet. Todd Mouw from ROUSH CleanTech, a clean transportation technology provider, corroborates the environmental benefits, stating that propane vehicles release fewer greenhouse gases and pollutants. Impressively, their propane engines surpass the Environmental Protection Agency’s strictest requirements by being 90% cleaner.

Highlighting the broader trend, Steve Whaley of the Propane Education & Research Council notes that numerous parcel delivery fleets nationwide are adopting propane autogas due to its operational cost benefits, reduced emissions, and unwavering performance. To facilitate this shift, Nicholas Trucking established an onsite fueling set-up in collaboration with AmeriGas.

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