Hino Gas Revolutionizes the Road with the 2 FuelTech System: Cutting Emissions and Costs

Hino Gas, founded by Alejandro Hinojosa, Sr. in 1963, began as a one-truck propane delivery service serving rural customers in Cameron and Willacy Counties. Alejandro handled all aspects of the business himself. Hino Gas prioritizes customer satisfaction, following Alejandro Sr.’s philosophy of hard work, honesty, service, safety, competitive pricing, and courteous service. Their commitment to “repeat business” and dedication to these principles have contributed to their success over the last 36 years, and they continue to expand their services and benefits to the consumer and the community.

Fast forward to today, where Hino Gas under the leadership of Alex Hinojosa Jr. is making headlines once again, this time for a groundbreaking innovation that’s set to transform the transportation industry: the 2FuelTech System.

A Revolutionary Solution for Cleaner, Cost-Effective Transportation

The 2FuelTech System is poised to revolutionize the way we view diesel engines and emissions. By injecting LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) vapor directly into diesel engines, this system promises to reduce emissions by up to a staggering 70% while decreasing fuel costs by 25-30%. To understand how it works, let’s delve into the science behind it. Here is a quick introduction to the 2FuelTech System: Video Here

In a typical diesel engine, compression generates heat, igniting the diesel fuel. However, not all diesel burns efficiently, resulting in the notorious black smoke we often associate with heavy-duty trucks. This incomplete combustion releases harmful particulate matter into the atmosphere. Enter propane (LPG), a cleaner fuel. When propane vapor is introduced into the engine, it ignites almost simultaneously, burning everything in the cylinder thoroughly. This complete combustion not only boosts energy output, horsepower, and torque but also drastically reduces emissions.

The 2FuelTech System isn’t entirely new; it has been used for gasoline engines in the past. However, its application to diesel engines faced a challenge with the introduction of computerized engines in the 1990s. The “secret sauce” lies in the system’s computer code, which communicates with the engine’s computer six times per second, monitoring various parameters like temperature, fuel injection, and air pressure. It calculates fuel demand based on real-time conditions, ensuring optimal LPG injection for maximum efficiency.

A Proven Track Record and an Exclusive Texas Partnership

General Motors (GM) recognized the potential of this technology and implemented it in Taiwan on Diesel Isuzu trucks for two decades. When GM faced financial difficulties during the Obama administration, the 2FuelTech System found new owners in Mike Laplante and his Canadian partner. American and European companies are now eager to acquire this game-changing innovation.

Enter Hino Gas that has secured a solid 10-year exclusive distributorship for Texas. When the engine’s temperature reaches 400 degrees, the 2FuelTech System activates, injecting up to 54% LPG. Beyond that point, engine knocking can occur, which is why precise control is crucial.

From a cost perspective, the benefits are clear. Propane (LPG) costs approximately $2.49 per gallon, while diesel prices soar around $5.00 per gallon, not to mention the additional 18.5 cents per gallon federal tax on diesel. As propane is locally sourced in Texas, it enjoys a tax advantage, making it even more cost-effective for over-the-road use. By partially substituting diesel with propane, end-users can save 25% to 30% on their fuel costs while enjoying cleaner engine performance, fewer oil changes, and substantially reduced emissions.

As Hino Gas continues to build on its storied history of commitment to its customers and innovation in the propane industry, the 2FuelTech System stands as a testament to its dedication to cleaner, more sustainable transportation solutions. With this revolutionary technology, Hino Gas is leading the charge towards a greener and more efficient future on Texas roads.

In summary, the 2FuelTech System by partially substitutes diesel with propane, soend-users can save 25% to 30% on their fuel costs while enjoying cleaner engine performance, fewer oil changes, and substantially reduced emissions. This gives propane distributors an avenue to sell incremental propane gallons but with the help of the 2 FuelTech computerized system it tracks the mileage and converts that to a means for propane companies to botain an additional government rebate for every mile driven with propane making this even more profitable for propane dealers.

For more information on the 2FuelTech System, watch the video here: 2FuelTech Video, and feel free to reach out to Hino Gas at (956) 423-9178.

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