Family Tragically Killed in Propane Tanker Collision

A tragic incident occurred in Southeast Kansas when a steer on the highway caused a propane tanker to collide with a family from Edna, killing everyone in the family. The tragic accident occurred on Friday, May 26, at about mile marker 114.8 on U.S. Highway 166, about 6 miles east of Highway 169.

After receiving reports of a fatal collision, emergency responders reportedly arrived at the scene quickly, according to the Kansas Highway Patrol Crash Log. Jimmy Bond, 81, of Edna, was operating a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 when he collided with a steer blocking the highway’s eastbound lanes.

The car malfunctioned due to the collision and veered into the westbound lane. Tragically, Dusty R. Elbrader, 42, of Golden City, Missouri, was driving a 2020 Peterbilt semi-truck that was transporting propane at the same time. Elbrader tried to avoid the pickup truck but was unsuccessful, leading to a terrible head-on collision.

Sadly, Jimmy Bond and his passengers, Edna residents Colton J. Bond, 21, and Barbara J. Bond, 79, were all declared dead at the scene. None of the pickup truck’s occupants wore seatbelts during the collision.

Dusty R. Elbrader, who reportedly suffered minor injuries, was taken to Coffeyville Regional Medical Center for treatment. Elbrader’s use of a seatbelt during the collision is significant because it highlights the potentially life-saving value of such safety precautions.

This Edna family’s tragic loss serves as a sad reminder of the unforeseeable dangers that can happen on the roads. To understand the events that led up to this tragic incident, authorities are still looking into the circumstances surrounding the collision.

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