Rep. Dan Bishop Condemns Proposal to Ban Gas Stoves, Calls Critics “Insane”

Rep. Dan Bishop recently made a solid statement for those who want to outlaw gas stoves in American homes. Bishop expressed skepticism in front of Congress that removing gas stoves would magically cure asthma and respiratory problems.

Bishop stated, “What have we heard of late by those who want to ban gas stoves?

They say that the air in houses with gas stoves is dangerous.

The experts can walk right up here, sit at just those tables, in the right committee, and tell Congress we have a magical answer to asthma and respiratory disease.

Just ban gas stoves from Americans’ homes!

Oh my! Why haven’t we thought of that? That’s a great idea!

Americans will be delighted to have their gas stoves ripped out of their homes because of the fear of an asthma attack for little Johny.

Or, Congress could say thank you for your advice. We believe that you are insane, and the American people would throw us out of the office if we banned their gas stoves from their homes.”

Bishop’s vehement opposition to the gas stove ban reflects the worries of many who value their freedom of choice and oppose overreaching in regulating home appliances. In light of the ongoing discussion, it is unclear how policymakers will approach the problem of gas stoves and their potential impact on indoor air quality.

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