Explosive Propane Incident Leaves Four Injured in West Farmington, Ohio

Propane Incident – Four individuals sustained injuries as a result of an explosion caused by a propane tank leak in a mobile trailer situated along Clark Road in West Farmington, Ohio. The incident occurred late in the afternoon on Friday, August 11. One of the injured individuals was airlifted to a burn unit for treatment.

The trailer’s proprietor, in preparation for an upcoming wedding scheduled for the following Tuesday, was collaborating with three other men inside the trailer, as shared by James Loza, the Chief of the Mesopotamia Fire Department. Within the trailer’s confines were a total of four propane stoves and five propane tanks, with one of these tanks being identified as the source of the leak.

Tragedy struck when the group decided to open the rear door of the trailer, resulting in a powerful explosion that devastated the trailer itself. Adjacent to the site, another mobile trailer suffered structural harm due to the force of the blast. Additionally, a recreational building situated nearby also sustained damage to both its roof and siding as a consequence of the explosion.

The proprietor of the trailer was transported via air ambulance to a specialized burn unit at Akron Children’s Hospital. Meanwhile, the other two injured men were taken to hospitals within Trumbull County, while the fourth individual received transportation to a hospital located in Geauga County. Thankfully, Chief Loza confirmed that all of them are expected to recover from their injuries.

In response to the incident, a total of eight fire departments were dispatched to the scene. This included five departments from Trumbull County and an additional three from neighboring Geauga County, as Chief Loza reported. The state fire marshal was slated to initiate an investigation into the incident on the forthcoming Monday. In the meantime, firefighters have captured photographic evidence of the scene in order to aid in the investigation process.

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