Exploring Propane-Powered Irrigation in Agriculture

In Kansas City, MO, the agricultural sector recognises propane’s diverse applications, particularly in grain drying and heating livestock buildings. The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) is now advocating its use in powering farm irrigation systems.

In a conversation with News Talk WJAG, Mike Newland, PERC’s Director of Agriculture Business Development, discussed the potential of propane as a more efficient alternative to traditional gas and electric irrigation systems. He highlighted the ease of transitioning to propane-powered irrigation, especially in states like Nebraska.

“With Hastings and Omaha being central hubs for irrigation engine production that serve the entire country, there are reputable engine suppliers and proven solutions readily available,” Newland suggested. He encouraged farmers to consider these options.

Newland also pointed out that switching to propane could offer financial benefits for those currently using electric pumps, especially in light of rising electricity rates. This shift could lead to significant cost savings for farmers, making propane an attractive option for irrigation power.

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