PERC Celebrates Second Annual National Propane Day: Fueling a Sustainable Future

On Saturday, October 7, the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is gearing up for the second annual National Propane Day, a momentous occasion to celebrate the propane industry’s significance and highlight the manifold benefits of propane. This event offers an invaluable opportunity for propane retailers to express their appreciation to customers and engage with their communities, all while showcasing the virtues of propane as a clean, efficient, and versatile energy source.

Tucker Perkins, President and CEO of PERC, recognizes the dedication of propane suppliers in ensuring the comfort of homes and the uninterrupted operation of businesses. He emphasizes their commitment to delivering services in a manner that is both clean and cost-effective, contributing to a sustainable and reliable energy landscape. Perkins states, “Propane can work alongside other energy sources like solar and wind to reduce our dependence on the electric grid,” underscoring the critical role of propane in a diversified and resilient energy future.

National Propane Day serves as a platform to celebrate the continued growth and production of renewable propane, an ultra-low carbon option that aligns with the propane industry’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions. As the world collectively embraces efforts towards energy resiliency, decarbonization, and enhanced efficiency, propane is poised to lead the charge. Perkins asserts, “On National Propane Day, and well into the future, there is a bright future for low-carbon propane,” highlighting the industry’s commitment to sustainability.

In addition to these celebrations, PERC is promoting the Great Grilling Giveaway on Instagram, offering consumers a chance to win propane-powered outdoor living appliances as prizes. This initiative not only engages consumers but also underscores the versatility and convenience of propane in various aspects of daily life.

Propane retailers looking to participate in National Propane Day can access a wealth of resources on the PERC website. These resources include social media templates, press release templates, and logos, enabling retailers to effectively communicate the benefits of propane to their customers and communities.

As we mark the second annual National Propane Day, it’s an opportunity to recognize the propane industry’s vital role in providing clean, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions. By celebrating propane’s contributions and embracing its potential for a low-carbon future, we take a step closer to a greener and more resilient world.

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