Propane is the New Superhero in the Fight Against Carbon Emissions

Move over Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman – there’s a new superhero in town named Propane! Propane is making waves in the fight against carbon emissions, and it’s not just because it’s a clean-burning fuel. Propane is taking center stage as a viable solution for decarbonizing the power grid, changing the game in the most exciting ways possible.

According to Jim Bunsey, director of commercial business development with the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), Propane can potentially displace other grid-connected power generators, reducing carbon emissions. Propane has a lower carbon intensity score than other traditional backup generators. Propane has a carbon intensity score of only 79, while the national average carbon intensity score for the U.S. power grid is 130. This means that switching to propane-powered power generation can significantly reduce carbon emissions.

But that’s not all! Renewable Propane is the most exciting thing in the propane industry. Renewable Propane has been used for about five to six years, and it’s being delivered to various parts of the country, especially California, where carbon credits are making it more affordable. Renewable Propane has an even lower carbon intensity score, with an at-the-source carbon intensity of about 11. This means that the path to zero carbon emissions is clear with renewable Propane.

But what about the infrastructure for developing, storing, and moving Propane? According to Bunsey, it’s readily available and already in place. With this infrastructure, Propane can be easily transported to where it’s needed most, making it an efficient and effective solution for decarbonizing the power grid.

So, Propane isn’t just a clean-burning fuel. It’s a superhero in the fight against carbon emissions. We can start on the path to zero carbon emissions with Propane, and with renewable Propane, we can get there even faster. The future of Propane is exciting, and the possibilities are endless.

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