Roush CleanTech Attains CARB Certification for 2023 Propane Engines with Ultra-Low NOx Emissions

Roush CleanTech, a leading provider of advanced clean vehicle solutions, has recently obtained certification from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for their 2023 model-year propane engines, meeting stringent emissions standards at an impressive rate of 0.02 grams per brake horsepower hour. In a significant development, Roush CleanTech has decided to make the ultra-low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions package a standard feature on all propane engines, eliminating the previous added-cost option.

According to Roush CleanTech, these engines emit 90 percent fewer NOx emissions than the limits set by the 2023 regulations, making them 60 percent cleaner than California’s 2024 low-NOx standard. Remarkably, this achievement is attained without compromising performance or efficiency, as highlighted by the company.

Todd Mouw, the Executive Vice President at Roush CleanTech, emphasized the significance of this milestone, stating, “Customers can now benefit from Roush CleanTech propane engines with ultra-low NOx emissions at no additional cost. We are on track to meet California’s and the EPA’s emissions standards for 2027 and beyond.” The company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and compliance is evident in its continuous efforts to exceed regulatory requirements.

Fleet operators considering the purchase of 2023 models will have increased opportunities to access state and federal funding programs that incentivize the adoption of near-zero-emission vehicles. These programs include the Clean School Bus Program under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust settlement, among others. Roush CleanTech’s CARB-certified engines position fleet operators favorably to avail themselves of these incentives.

This achievement builds upon Roush CleanTech’s previous success in introducing low-NOx engines in 2018 and obtaining CARB’s ultra-low 0.02 grams per brake horsepower-hour certification for Blue Bird school buses and commercial vehicles in 2021. The company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability is reflected in its commitment to leveraging renewable propane and advancing the technology further. Roush CleanTech believes that propane is no longer just a transitional fuel for fleets to meet emission goals but a destination in itself for sustainable transportation energy.

With over 37,000 advanced clean vehicles already equipped with Roush CleanTech’s engines on the roads today, including 18,500 school buses operating in 1,000 U.S. school districts, the company’s expertise and industry leaders continue to drive the adoption of clean and efficient propane-powered vehicles nationwide.

Roush CleanTech’s CARB-certified 2023 model-year propane engines with ultra-low NOx emissions showcase their commitment to delivering environmentally friendly solutions while ensuring optimal performance and supporting fleets in their efforts to meet emission reduction targets.

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