Introducing the Custom Fuel App

We’ve got something extra special for you. It’s time to introduce the game-changing Custom Fuel App! Imagine having your fuel app customized to fit your business’s specific needs and proudly displaying your company logo. This fully customizable Android and Apple app can be found in the app stores ready to revolutionize your fuel delivery experience.

Advanced Features for Bulk LPG/Fuel and Cylinder Delivery

The Custom Fuel App is no ordinary app. It has advanced features catering to bulk LPG/Fuel and cylinder delivery. This app covers your individual needs, whether you handle massive fuel orders or individual cylinder deliveries.

Flexible Ordering Options to Suit Your Needs

We know every propane company is unique, so we’ve provided multiple ordering options that you can quickly turn on or off according to your requirements. Whether filling up, specifying the number of gallons, reading tank measurements, or setting a dollar amount, you can choose what works best for you and your customers.

Multiple Payment Options for a Smooth Check-Out Experience

Say goodbye to checkout hassles and hello to seamless transactions. The Custom Fuel App offers multiple payment options, including integrated credit card payments. This reduces hassles during checkout and enables customers to complete their transactions quickly.

Easily Update Your Fuel Pricing and Boost Sales

Stay ahead of the game by quickly updating your fuel pricing through the Custom Fuel App. This feature allows you to adapt to market changes rapidly and efficiently. And here’s a little secret – you can increase sales per customer by sending out promo codes and coupons to each one through the app. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

Enhance Revenue with Fee and Pricing Capabilities

The Custom Fuel App isn’t just about managing orders and deliveries – it’s also a revenue booster. Be sure to take advantage of its fee and pricing capabilities to increase your earnings. It’s a powerful tool that puts you in control of your pricing strategy.

Propane company owners, you now have the ultimate tool kit at your disposal for efficient ordering, delivery, check-out, and pricing management. By embracing the Custom Fuel App, you will be sure to take your business and its fuel delivery processes to impressive new heights.

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