Innovative Propane Terminal Launches in Yuma, CO, Boosting Regional Supply

The recent inauguration of a CHS propane rail-ship terminal in Yuma, Colorado, marks a significant milestone in propane distribution, especially for marketers in eastern Colorado, western Nebraska, and western Kansas. This strategic addition is set to reduce the lengthy journeys marketers previously endured to the Conway propane hub in Kansas, offering a much-needed solution to the regional supply challenges.

Scott Pearson, Vice President of CHS Propane, emphasized the terminal’s role in ensuring a stable, easily accessible propane supply for the region. “Our customers used to face arduous eight to ten-hour trips for propane transport loads. This new terminal is a game-changer,” Pearson noted.

The establishment of the Yuma terminal comes at a critical time, as the area has been grappling with supply chain disruptions, closures of gas plants, and the transition of a nearby refinery to renewable diesel production. These factors, compounded by driver shortages, have strained propane availability.

David Dodson, Vice President of Energy at Ag Valley Co-op in Edison, Nebraska, expressed optimism about the terminal, anticipating it will significantly improve customer supply consistency, particularly during peak heating seasons. Similarly, Jess Wimmer, Petroleum Division Manager for WESTCO in Alliance, Nebraska, highlighted the terminal’s potential to alleviate supply chain bottlenecks and meet the soaring demand.

CHS, recognized as one of the largest propane wholesale suppliers in the United States, operates over 150 terminals across 40 states and five Canadian provinces. The Yuma facility has two loading stations, offers 24-hour access, and can accommodate up to 12 railcars, ensuring efficient and quicker loading times.

Pearson concluded, “This terminal reinforces CHS’s commitment to being a reliable supplier and enhances the convenience and efficiency for our customers in the heart of America.

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