Indiana Addresses Propane Shortage with Executive Order

Governor Holcomb Responds to Propane Supply Challenges in Indiana

Indiana’s Governor Eric Holcomb has taken decisive action to counter a potential propane shortage affecting approximately half a million state residents. On January 15, he signed an executive order, his first in 2024, aimed at ensuring an adequate propane supply amidst growing concerns.

The order specifically relaxes the regulations on commercial drivers’ hours of service, which typically limit the amount of time truck drivers can spend on the road. These limitations, set for safety reasons, can be adjusted in emergency situations, as is currently the case. The governor’s intervention comes as local propane distributors report dwindling supplies, exacerbated by a shortage of drivers and increased travel distances for propane procurement.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has noted that national consumption of natural gas has outpaced supply since the year’s start, resulting in climbing costs. This trend has been particularly pronounced during the recent cold spell.

Governor Holcomb’s executive order is focused on facilitating and accelerating efforts to transport propane gas across Indiana. This isn’t the first time he has issued such an order in response to increased demand during colder periods, having done so last November as well. Similar measures have been common in other states during times of high demand.

The current exemption from federal and state driving time limits for commercial drivers in Indiana is set to expire on January 25, subject to extension or earlier termination by the governor.

Residents relying on propane for heating are advised to contact their suppliers for emergency refills if needed. Additional recommendations include letting faucets drip to prevent pipes from freezing, wearing extra layers of clothing, and using electric heaters safely to supplement heating.

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