2Fuel Technologies Revolutionizes Propane Technology

2Fuel Technologies Inc., based in Macon, Georgia, is a pioneer in the dual fuel industry, manufacturing and marketing their proprietary dual fuel retrofit systems for diesel engines. With over 8,000 installations worldwide, they have achieved remarkable milestones, setting the industry standard for innovative technology.

The 2Fuel Dual Fuel System

2Fuel’s dual fuel system is designed to retrofit conventional diesel engines, allowing them to run on a blend of diesel fuel and alternative fuels like natural gas or propane. What sets 2Fuel apart is its ability to maintain OEM performance specifications throughout the high load cycle, delivering high “end of day diesel dilution percentages” without compromising torque or mileage efficiency.

Technological Achievements

2Fuel Technologies has earned an esteemed position in the industry through its remarkable achievements. They were the pioneers in attaining CARB certification for all engine families up to 650 HP, setting a significant industry benchmark. Notably, they are the sole dual fuel system with “OEM” EPA certification, making them the trusted choice for engine manufacturers. Furthermore, 2Fuel stands as the first and only dual fuel system to be embraced in Tier 1 OEM production, underscoring their unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.

How 2Fuel Works

2Fuel operates as a Diesel Dual-Fuel (DDF) system, reducing diesel fuel consumption while consistently maintaining torque and horsepower. Mode 1, which blends diesel with an alternative fuel, offers both environmental and cost-saving benefits.

The 2Fuel ECU communicates with the OEM Controller through CANBUS, ensuring precise fuel ratios by both the alternative fuel and diesel fuel injectors while monitoring OEM sensors and parameters.

Savings with 2Fuel

2Fuel offers substantial savings in various applications:

Mobile On-Road: Typical tractor-trailers can reduce fuel consumption significantly.

Mobile Off-Road: Construction vehicles and equipment can also achieve remarkable fuel savings.

Stationary Engines: Large engines can substantially cut diesel fuel consumption.

With three decades of R&D experience, 2Fuel is a technology and performance leader in the dual fuel systems market. They handle the entire product life cycle in-house, ensuring high-quality systems with remarkable performance.

2Fuel is researching dual fuel hydrogen operations to reduce emissions and maintain torque in large engines, with future plans for commercial application.

As the dual fuel market expands, 2Fuel’s system is ideal for applications requiring torque maintenance, such as large trucks, stationary engines, and mining vehicles. Their system achieves up to 60% higher dilution averages, leading to substantial fuel savings and emissions reductions compared to competitors.

2Fuel Technologies is at the forefront of the diesel engine industry, offering innovative dual fuel solutions. Their commitment to high-quality systems, extensive R&D, and their pioneering work with hydrogen reflects their dedication to a greener and more cost-effective future for transportation and power generation.

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