Zionsville, IN, Schools Embrace Eco-Friendly Propane Buses

Zionsville Community Schools in Zionsville, Indiana, have recently revamped their bus fleet, shifting towards propane autogas buses to support student population growth and environmental sustainability.

Amy Eaton, the transportation manager at Zionsville Community Schools, highlighted the benefits of this transition in a recent announcement. The school now operates 54 buses powered by propane autogas, emphasizing their positive environmental impact. “Propane buses are less polluting, which is beneficial for our students. They also operate more quietly, making the journey more pleasant for drivers, and they are cost-effective in terms of fuel savings,” Eaton explained.

The move towards propane-fueled buses began in 2020 when the school introduced 21 such vehicles. With the addition of 33 more buses, these environmentally friendly vehicles now service 73 percent of the school routes.

In collaboration with Co-Alliance, a company offering diverse solutions including propane and fuels, Zionsville Community Schools has established propane fueling stations directly on the school premises. Currently, the district maintains two such stations across different locations.

Eaton shared the school’s future aspirations: “We aim to have most of our bus fleet powered by propane eventually.” This initiative reflects the school’s commitment to sustainable practices and its proactive approach to managing growth while minimizing environmental impact.

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