Winter-Proofing Your Home with Propane

As the winter season unfolds, homeowners often face challenges due to snow and ice, which can impact heating systems, appliances, and property access. Propane, a reliable and efficient energy source, offers a solution to power essential home systems during the cold months.

Understanding Your Propane System
Familiarize yourself with your home’s propane system. This includes identifying the tank, regulators, meter, piping, supply valves, and appliance vents. Know where the main gas supply valve is located for emergencies. Before reactivating your system after any disruption, have a propane professional inspect it.

Maintaining a Consistent Propane Supply
Establish a regular delivery schedule with your provider to ensure you don’t run out of propane during winter. Once your tank gauge shows 30%, it’s time to schedule a refill. This ensures you have an adequate propane supply when you need it most.

Marking Your Propane Tank
If your propane tank is buried, mark its location with a brightly colored stake or flag that stands taller than the expected snow depth. This helps propane suppliers quickly locate and refill your tank during scheduled appointments.

Upgrading to a Propane Furnace
When considering a new furnace, propane-powered options are worth exploring. Propane furnaces last longer than electric heat pumps and provide warmer air. They’re less affected by outdoor temperatures and emit fewer greenhouse gases than electric and fuel oil furnaces.

Maximizing the Use of Propane Fireplaces
Propane fireplaces are a source of comfort and an efficient way to heat your home. They offer greater heating capacity and efficiency than electric models, are more environmentally friendly, and produce less soot.

Safety with Gas and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Install UL-listed propane gas and carbon monoxide detectors in your home for added safety. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation and maintenance.

By taking these steps, you can ensure your home is well-prepared for winter, with propane as a dependable energy source to keep your family warm and safe.

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