Tragic Crash Claims Propane Truck Driver’s Life in Oakhurst, California

A lone accident in Oakhurst, CA resulted in the tragic death of a propane truck driver. The incident occurred near the intersection of Road 222 and Road 220 on Sunday, August 6, shortly before 5:00 p.m. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the driver of the propane truck was traveling westbound when the fatal crash occurred.

Initial assessments of the scene indicate that the truck’s abrupt braking caused it to veer to the right. Consequently, the vehicle crossed over the second lane and went off-road onto a compacted dirt shoulder, leading to its overturning. Oakhurst California Highway Patrol Sgt. Vicente Villegas commented on the sequence of events, mentioning that the dirt shoulder’s structure contributed to the truck’s overturning.

Despite wearing a seatbelt, the driver was partially ejected from the truck during the collision. Tragically, first responders arrived to find the driver partially pinned beneath the overturned truck.

The propane tank aboard the truck was nearly empty. However, a minor leak in the tank creating vapor forced the closure of segments of Road 222 by the CHP as a precautionary measure.

As investigators work to uncover all of the factors leading to the collision, local resident Chad Van Ness, who resides in the vicinity of the crash site, expressed his sadness at the news of such an unfortunate event as well as his relief that the situation wasn’t more catastrophic. He underscored the potential danger posed by the large propane tank being transported, emphasizing the potential devastation if it was to ignite.

The CHP highlighted that collisions in this specific area are relatively frequent. Consequently, authorities are urging motorists to exercise caution and reduce their speed while traversing this particular stretch of road.

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