The Curious Case of the 200-Pound Propane Tank

Mt. Kisco, NY – In an unusual turn of events, a 200-pound propane tank made its dramatic appearance on the shores of Croton Landing Park in Croton-on-Hudson, catching the attention of local fire officials. The incident occurred on the evening of Friday, July 28, at around 5:30 p.m, when the village’s fire department received a notification about the tank’s presence on the park’s tranquil shoreline.

Responding promptly to the report, members of the fire department swiftly took action. Working together, they managed to lift the sizable propane tank from the sandy beach and transported it to a safer location on dry land. The unexpected and puzzling discovery left everyone pondering how such a massive piece of jetsam could have ended up in this serene riverside park.

As the propane tank rested on the park’s grounds for a day, residents and visitors alike were both intrigued and concerned about its origin and potential impact on the environment. News of the unusual find spread quickly, prompting questions and speculation among the local community.

Halstead Quinn, a respected local company, volunteered to handle the removal of the propane tank from the park. On the morning of July 29, their dedicated team successfully completed the task, carefully ensuring the safe transport of the 200-pound tank away from the park premises.

Fire officials investigating the incident theorized that the propane tank might have become dislodged from its original location due to the recent flooding in the Hudson Valley. The natural disasters, which can wreak havoc on the landscape and waterways, may have inadvertently dislodged the tank, setting it adrift on the river’s currents until it eventually washed ashore.

Although the incident ended without any reported injuries or damages, it serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the environment and the potential hazards it can present. The fortunate discovery of the tank underscores the significance of community awareness and the prompt response of local authorities to safeguard public spaces and prevent potential accidents.

The incident also highlights the importance of environmental stewardship and the responsibility of properly securing and handling potentially hazardous materials. Propane tanks, especially those of significant size, should be stored and transported with the utmost of care to prevent unintended consequences such as the one witnessed at Croton Landing Park.

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