Propane-Powered Police Cars: A Greener and Cost-Effective Move

Elwood City, Indiana – Officials are leading the way in embracing a greener and more affordable option for their police cars. By converting ten gas-guzzling vehicles to propane burners, they aim to both save taxpayer money and reduce emissions.

Propane, a clean alternative fuel, emits significantly less carbon dioxide than gasoline and doesn’t produce wastes like methane or sulfur dioxide. With propane currently priced around $1.00 per gallon cheaper than gasoline, it proves to be a cost-effective choice.

Though conversions can be expensive, ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 per vehicle, Elwood found a solution with TRUE Alternative Fuel Systems, an Anderson-based business. The company will perform the conversions in exchange for purchasing propane from the city for five years.

Elwood’s plan is promising, as they intend to eventually convert their entire fleet, allowing vehicles to travel an extra 200 to 250 miles per fill-up. This move aligns with a growing trend in cities opting for cleaner and cheaper fuel alternatives such as propane, compressed natural gas, and solar power.

By adopting propane-powered police cars, Elwood sets an example of responsible and sustainable government practices while demonstrating the value of environmentally conscious living to its residents.

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