Propane Gas Leak at Franklin County, Pennsylvania Dollar General Safely Resolved


The Pleasant Hall Volunteer Fire Company swiftly responded to the scene after receiving a call around 6:00 PM. Upon arrival, firefighters detected a strong odor of propane gas emanating from the parking lot in front of the store.

An investigation revealed that a 500-gallon propane tank released gas through its relief valve, which appeared to be stuck or frozen in the open position. This resulted in the formation of an active gas plume rising into the atmosphere.

The primary concern for public safety was the infiltration of fumes into the store each time the doors were opened. Nearby church services were also taking place at the Roxbury Holiness Camp, although evacuation orders were unnecessary.

To mitigate the situation, emergency crews sprayed water on the tank to cool it down and reduce the temperature of the contents inside. The Pleasant Hall Volunteer Fire Company determined that the relief valve had activated correctly due to high temperatures on that day. Subsequently, it failed to close or freeze, resulting in a continuous gas leak. Within 20 minutes, responders successfully cooled the tank and controlled the leak.

As a precaution, the store was evacuated and temporarily closed during the incident. Meter readings confirmed that gas levels inside the store remained within normal limits, ensuring the safety of customers and staff.

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The prompt response of the emergency teams, combined with their effective containment and resolution of the propane gas leak, demonstrates the commitment to public safety and swift action in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

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