Propane Demand Soars in Cold Weather

Blue River Propane Responds to Winter Surge in Propane Needs

In Mayfield, KY, the onset of cold winter weather has triggered a surge in propane demand, pushing local suppliers like Blue River Propane Company to ramp up their delivery efforts. Amidst this spike, the company notably provided crucial emergency propane to a Paducah nursing home in dire need.

Amanda Baumgartner, the office manager at Blue River Propane, explained the situation’s intensity, stating that over 20 routes are actively being managed to meet the soaring demand. “We have five drivers continuously on the road, and this pace is expected to continue throughout the week,” she said.

Under normal conditions, the company uses about 9,000 gallons of propane. However, the recent cold snap has doubled this requirement, with over 18,000 gallons needed to keep up with customer needs. “We’re receiving daily shipments at both our Mayfield facility and our secondary location to keep up,” Baumgartner added.

The company’s propane delivery caters to a diverse clientele, including residential, commercial, and agricultural sectors, primarily for heating purposes. Shane Whitlock, yard manager and driver, noted a significant increase in daily service calls, with stops ranging from 12 to 22 per day.

Whitlock was instrumental in the emergency delivery to the nursing home, impacting about 100 residents. “They were not our regular customers, but we knew it was crucial to assist them. The relief on their part was palpable, and we were glad to be of service,” he shared.

The propane demand is not just a local phenomenon; Southern Illinois is also experiencing a similar trend. Jason Older, co-owner of Metroplosit Hardware, reported a tripling in propane demand since winter began. “We’re now getting three to four deliveries weekly, each bringing in 400 to 500 gallons, which is significantly higher than our usual summer schedule of one delivery every two weeks,” Older said.

Anticipating the demand will only grow with more cold weather expected, Older shared a recent interaction. “Just this morning, a woman from Paducah visited, stating her usual propane supplier had run out. It’s clear the demand is not subsiding anytime soon,” he concluded.

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