Over 150 Firefighters Tackle Enormous Blaze at Arizona Propane Business

PHOENIX, AZ — A massive fire broke out at Bill’s Propane Service, located on 40th Street and Washington Street, near Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, on the afternoon of July 20, 2023. The blaze posed a significant challenge to firefighters, as hundreds of propane tanks were scattered around the vicinity, some shooting as far as 500 yards into the air, turning into dangerous projectiles. Aerial footage of the area revealed rows of at least 30 burned out cars at Sundance Airport Parking, and the incident caused thick black smoke which was visible for miles.

More than 150 firefighters promptly responded to the scene. Phoenix Fire Captain Rob McDade emphasized the unique difficulties faced when dealing with a propane business fire, as compared to a typical building fire. Firefighters had to surround the area, cool it down, and then turn off the gas to control the situation.

To ensure the safety of residents, a mile radius around the business was cleared, and homes northeast of the area were evacuated. After several hours, residents were allowed to return to their homes, but companies were advised to remain evacuated. Fortunately, nearby structures, such as the Arizona Animal Welfare League’s main shelter and a community college, were evacuated in time and remained unharmed. Additionally, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport confirmed that flights were unaffected.

Despite the intensity of the fire, no injuries were reported. Fire officials report that the exact cause of the fire remains uncertain.

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