NPGA-EIA Collaboration: Paving the Way for Propane Industry Transparency

For the past ten years, the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) and the Energy Information Administration (EIA) have joined forces in a relentless pursuit of transparency within the propane industry. This collaborative effort sought to address critical challenges, including determining the precise volume of market-ready propane, navigating complexities from propylene/propane classification, and overcoming data collection issues from propane stocks. The culmination of this decade-long partnership marks a transformative moment, ushering in a new era of accuracy and openness in industry data.

The Focus on Fractionated Propane

In 2022, NPGA’s Propane Supply and Logistics Committee continued the mission to distinguish the precise quantity of fractionated propane prepared for distribution. Recognizing the importance of accurate data for businesses and stakeholders in the propane sector, NPGA submitted a thoughtful comment to the EIA. This comment underscored the critical need for access to precise information on propane volumes, emphasizing its significance for the entire industry.

A Milestone Achieved

The collaborative efforts of NPGA and EIA have yielded tangible results. EIA has initiated the collection of data through the EIA Form 815 Monthly Bulk Terminal Report, which commenced in September. The new data series is anticipated to be available in November. This development represents a significant leap forward in transparency and data accuracy for the propane industry. The initiation of this data collection process not only showcases the persistence of NPGA and EIA in addressing industry needs but also solidifies the strength of their partnership.

NPGA expresses sincere gratitude to all individuals who contributed to the success of this initiative. The collective efforts of NPGA, EIA, and other stakeholders have been instrumental in achieving this milestone. The collaboration not only serves the immediate needs of the propane industry but also sets a precedent for future cooperative endeavors.

As we celebrate this accomplishment, NPGA and EIA remain committed to fostering transparency and addressing the evolving needs of the propane industry. This successful collaboration serves as a foundation for future initiatives that will continue to propel the industry forward. By staying engaged and proactive, NPGA and EIA aim to build upon this achievement and further enhance the resilience and efficiency of the propane sector.

For additional details on the EIA Monthly Bulk Terminal report, interested parties are encouraged to contact NPGA at 202-355-1327. Your inquiries and engagement are crucial as we collectively embrace a new era of transparency and data accuracy in the propane industry.

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