New Double Incentive Program for Propane Farm Equipment in Tornado-Affected Midwest

Through a special incentive program, farmers impacted by recent tornadoes in the Midwest can save up to $10,000 on propane-powered equipment.

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is extending its Double Propane Farm Incentive Program to include farmers who suffered losses from the tornado outbreaks. This initiative, running until December 31, 2024, aims to support recovery efforts by doubling the usual incentive amounts for eligible propane-powered farm equipment.

Farmers in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Ohio can apply for this program and receive increased incentives. Qualifying equipment includes irrigation engines, heating systems for buildings and water, power generators, and flame-weeding systems.

Michael Newland, Director of Agriculture Business Development at PERC, emphasized the importance of this support: “We understand the significant challenges faced by those affected by the tornadoes. This program extension is our way of helping farmers rebuild and continue their operations.”

Under this program, farmers can receive:

• $600 per liter of fuel displacement for propane-powered irrigation engines

• Up to $60 per kW for generators

• $3,000 for flame weeding systems

• $4,000 for agricultural heaters

Eligibility for the program will be verified using zip codes and National Weather Service data. Farmers can apply now at

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Information for this article has been provided by the Propane & Education Research Council (PERC).

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