Manistee County, Michigan Firefighters Master Propane Fire Training

WELLSTON, MI — Firefighters in Manistee County had a rare and exciting opportunity to undergo propane fire training at the Norman Township Fire Station. Coordinated by Jack VanderBie, the Chief of the Norman Township Fire Department, the training involved collaboration with the Michigan Propane Gas Association and Fischer Gas.

After nearly a decade since the last live propane fire training, firefighters from various regions were invited to participate. Fire chiefs from Lake County, Benzie County, Wexford County, and other neighboring areas received the invitation.

The significance of this training lies in its relevance to the daily challenges faced by firefighters. Propane is commonly used for heating homes and cooking in the region. When responding to structure fires, one of the primary tasks is to shut off the propane supply. If not properly handled, a gas line can continue to fuel the fire with propane, creating potential hazards.

During the training, firefighters learned about the connections and protocols related to propane lines and storage. Approximately 6,000 gallons of water reserves were prepared for the exercise, with four hose lines continuously active while the fires were being extinguished.

The practical aspect of the training involved teams of firefighters using multiple water sources to tackle various types of propane fires, including grill, cylinder, and large tank fires. The exercises were repeated to provide valuable hands-on experience in handling different scenarios.

The training session was a crucial step in equipping firefighters with the knowledge and skills to effectively respond to propane-related incidents, thereby enhancing safety measures and minimizing potential risks.

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