Critical Essentials for Propane Companies to Excel in Service Interruption Situations

As the weather cools down, service interruptions become more frequent, highlighting the importance of having a solid plan for your propane company to respond to, resolve, and document these calls effectively. Here are three essentials that will set your company and employees up for success in handling service interruptions:

1. Policies and Procedures: The Foundation for Success

Having comprehensive written policies and procedures is crucial. This includes a customer service representative (CSR) script and designs for your suspected leak response team. Regularly review and update these policies and procedures to align with current standards and best practices. Ownership or management should take an active role in this annual review process.

2. Accurate Documentation: Protecting Your Company

Properly documenting plays a vital role in protecting your company and employees in the event of litigation. By thoroughly documenting service interruption calls and your team’s response, you establish a reliable record that can demonstrate your commitment to propane safety protocols and adherence to industry standards. This documentation not only strengthens your defense but also showcases your company’s dedication to providing safe and reliable propane services.

3. Safety Meetings & Employee Training: Equipping Your Team

Effective handling of service interruptions requires the expertise of every staff member, from the initial customer service representative to the emergency response team. Conduct thorough initial training sessions, regular safety meetings, and annual refresher courses to equip your response team with the necessary knowledge and skills from start to finish.

Contact Us for Comprehensive Assistance

Propane Safety Pro, the industry’s leading safety and compliance provider, is here to support your propane company in these important areas. We have assisted numerous propane marketers nationwide in developing and refreshing their policies and procedures. Reach out to our experienced team at for a quote and let us help you ensure the accuracy of your safety documentation and provide comprehensive employee training, including initial training and annual refresher courses. With Propane Safety Pro, you’ll be well-prepared to handle your next service interruption call with ease.

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