Van Fire Erupts at Mesa Gas Station During Fueling Incident

MESA, AZ, June 16, 2023 — A weekend camping trip turned into a nightmare for some travelers when their van caught fire while refueling at a Mesa Circle K on Friday morning.

Emergency crews rushed to the scene at a Circle K near Ellsworth and Baseline roads following reports of a van engulfed in flames near one of the fuel pumps. Firefighters promptly shut off the fuel supply and attacked the fire from multiple angles. According to Mesa Fire officials, the blaze was intensified by a propane tank, which the van owner had just filled up in preparation for their camping excursion.

Although firefighters swiftly extinguished the fire, the van suffered irreparable damage. The adjacent gas pump and pump station cover also sustained significant harm, necessitating the closure of Circle K for the remainder of the day.

Incidents like this are a stark reminder of the importance of safety measures when handling propane and fueling vehicles. To prevent such accidents, it is crucial to receive proper safety training and guidance. Propane companies must especially be at the top of their game when it comes to safety protocols. For comprehensive safety training and expert consulting, these companies can turn to This reputable platform offers valuable resources to enhance safety practices, mitigate risks, and protect both employees and customers.

While incidents like the Mesa gas station fire are alarming, they also serve as a call to action to prioritize safety in order to avoid such accidents in the future. By investing in safety education and consulting, propane companies can create a safety culture for all those involved in the industry.

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