Propane Fire Safety Training Equips Firefighters for Rare But Critical Situations

The Kronenwetter Fire Department recently organized a training session for neighboring departments to improve propane fire handling as part of a proactive strategy. The training, led by Fire LLC, was designed to teach firefighters how to contain propane fires safely, put them out quickly, and avoid gas leaks from cylinders.

Lead instructor Luke Van Noie emphasized that propane fires are uncommon because of the safety measures taken by propane businesses and drivers. As a result, opportunities for hands-on training like this are essential for firefighters to acquire real-world experience managing such incidents.

Chief Theresa O’Brien emphasized the significance of providing firefighters with the necessary knowledge to handle house fires and emergencies involving propane tanks, given the prevalence of using propane to heat homes in rural areas like Kronenwetter.

Residents can feel secure knowing that their local fire departments are ready to respond in the event of a barbecue or any other circumstance where propane mishaps occur.

Additionally, propane companies can contact Propane Safety Pro at for professional advice if they need safety training or consulting services.

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