Alii Gas Provides Propane Service Amid Hawaii Gas Strike

Gas service has been interrupted due to Hawaii Gas’s ongoing statewide strike, but substitute businesses like Alii Gas are filling the gap. Since the strike started on June 1, Alii Gas, located in the Kailua-Kona region of the island of Hawaii, has experienced increased business. Alii Gas has been able to refuel propane tanks for companies with contracts with Hawaii Gas despite recent gas disruptions that necessitated the temporary closure of restaurants. These companies have granted Alii Gas waivers to fill the tanks and maintain a constant propane supply. The cooperation between propane companies shows the sector’s dedication to providing excellent customer service even in trying circumstances.

In addition, the strike has raised concerns about propane shortages at hotels and other tourism-oriented establishments, particularly in Waikiki. However, the commercial gas supply for customers outside the island of Hawaii is stable. Hotels directly receiving gas from Hawaii Gas through pipelines have remained relatively stable. Commercial entities with on-site gas tanks that depend on regular refills from Hawaii Gas trucks have been the most affected.

According to Alii Gas, Hawaii Gas tanks can be filled with no problems despite technical and safety concerns about using different companies to serve the same propane tanks. The business emphasizes that its services adhere to the required standards and that any problems must be more understood.

The Hawaii Teamsters and Allied Workers, Local 996, and Hawaii Gas have resumed their negotiations, but no deal has been reached as of yet. The two sides continue to disagree on wage increases and medical premiums. Public exchanges and accusations have been made during the strike between the union and Hawaii Gas, including claims of truck blocking and gas shipment disruption.

Both Hawaii Gas and the union are prepared to pick up negotiations as the strike drags on. A resolution to the strike will be essential to maintain uninterrupted gas service and address the company’s and its employees’ concerns.

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