Gas Equipment Co. Appoints Jason Steichen as Vice President of Finance

Jason Steichen has recently been appointed as the new Vice President of Finance at Gas Equipment Co. (GEC). Steichen took over the position in March, replacing Michele Ridings, who will retire later this year.

Steichen will supervise accounting operations in his new role, examine financial information, create reports, and work closely with management. Steichen brings a wealth of experience to the position with over 16 years of experience in various industries, including banking, oil and gas, real estate management, and event marketing.

Gijs Majoor, CEO of GEC, welcomed Steichen’s appointment and said, “It is lovely to have such a talented individual supporting our growth strategy. We are overjoyed to receive him.”

Because of his prior experience in the finance industry, Steichen has a passion for problem-solving, process improvement, partnering with companies, and utilizing technology – qualities consistent with GEC’s strategic goals and vision.

Steichen graduated from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor’s degree in finance and general business, and he is currently enrolled at the University of Denver to complete a master’s degree in business administration with a focus on finance.

“I was drawn to the company’s energetic atmosphere and its strong focus on customers and vendors,” Steichen said when asked why he chose to join GEC. “I’m eager to share my knowledge and support the business’s strategic initiatives.”

GEC is a warehouse distributor of in-process, transfer, and control equipment for oil and gas producers, transporters, and LPG marketers. Milt LaDue founded GEC in 1937 in Dallas. It joined Makeen Energy in 2020, moved its headquarters to Carrollton, Texas, and now runs 11 warehouse branches throughout the country’s central, southern, and eastern parts. In addition to LP Gas, NH3, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Gas, NOx/SCR, NGL, and Integrated Systems, GEC provides a wide range of product lines across several market sectors.

As GEC concentrates on its strategic goals and upholds its commitment to providing top-notch service to customers and vendors alike, the appointment of Jason Steichen as Vice President of Finance positions the company well for continued growth and success.

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