Fire Breaks Out at Olympic Fruit in Moxee, Washington, Prompting Shelter-in-Place Measures for Residents

MOXEE, Wash. – Olympic Fruit, located at 2400 Beaudry Road, became the site of a blazing structure fire on Friday, August 11. The East Valley Fire Department’s Chief Dale Hiole reported the coordinated efforts of multiple fire departments striving to confine the flames to the building. While the incident seems to have begun during the process of refilling a propane tank, investigations are still underway to ascertain the precise cause.

After an intense night of continuous burning, Yakima Valley Emergency Management revoked the shelter-in-place directives for residents living within a one-mile radius of the Olympic Fruit fire. The blaze, which persisted for hours, managed to remain confined within a single structure at the Olympic Fruit premises. Tony Miller from Yakima Valley Emergency Management reported that the roof of the building collapsed as a result of the fire’s intensity. The shelter-in-place directive was enacted as a preventive measure against potential seepage of anhydrous ammonia into the atmosphere. This chemical is integral to the cooling and refrigeration systems utilized within their warehouse. In a bid to ensure air quality, the Department of Ecology was scheduled to conduct air tests during the upcoming night.

NonStop Local’s personnel present at the scene confirmed the ongoing nature of the blaze. Miraculously, no injuries have been reported thus far, as corroborated by Miller. Residents were advised to secure windows and doors, seal any openings, and prevent outside air from entering due to the hazardous materials being consumed by the fire.

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