National Propane Insurance Company Highlights the Importance of Written Policies for Propane Marketers

The importance of having written driving policies in place and regularly communicating them to all drivers in propane businesses is being emphasized by Federated Insurance. According to Federated Insurance, some propane company owners have been seen to have driving policies but fail to communicate them effectively to their staff.

Senior District Marketing Manager at Federated Insurance Bob Butkus emphasized the critical role that auto liability plays in the propane sector. He discussed the significant risks of operating bobtails, large trucks used for delivering propane, during a webinar with P3 Propane Safety. Accidents can affect workers’ compensation, umbrella insurance, and auto insurance premiums. Claims may result in higher premium costs, which is a powerful incentive to put safety first.

Federated has established driving guidelines that address issues like distracted driving and vehicle usage to protect its customers’ safety. These standards are intended to communicate the rules and regulations to drivers effectively and include penalties for infractions. Bob Butkus encourages driving record checks and annual meetings for new hires to reinforce these standards.

Additionally, Federated provides its customers with a telematics program that assesses driver performance in five main areas: speed, quick acceleration, hard braking, hard cornering, and phone use. According to Andrew Johnson, Senior Risk Consultant at Federated, this program encourages healthy competition among drivers and helps them improve their driving habits.

Motor vehicle records and GAS Check forms are checked for compliance with risk management and safety standards as part of Federated’s yearly client audits. Drivers can use these forms to ensure correct installations and procedures while identifying potential problem areas.

A topic of growing importance and critical to today’s propane company is the need for mobile safety documentation tools for bobtail drivers and service technicians. In the recent VPE/WLPGA National Safety App competition, the Tank Spotter App won Best Safety App in the USA and Best in the World. It is best considered best in class for ease of use and to facilitate compliance and improve safety measures. It includes monthly meter creep tests and discharge system inspections mandated by the Department of Transportation. Its 50+ propane modules are recommended for propane companies and can be found at

Federated Insurance wants to encourage safe driving habits among propane marketers by highlighting the value of written driving policies, regular communication, and thorough risk management procedures. Proactive actions and using tools like telematics programs and mobile safety documentation can significantly aid in lowering accidents, ensuring drivers’ safety, and ensuring propane businesses’ general success.

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