Securing Peace of Mind in Your Business

In an industry article by Frank B. Thompson, an experienced insurance professional and owner of PT Risk Management, the worries keeping propane marketers up at night were laid bare. From fretting over finding more drivers to stressing about unpaid bills and hoping for a chilly winter to boost profits, propane business owners face a laundry list of concerns. But amidst this sea of worries, one big fear stands out – what if something really bad happens and wipes out the business?

Thompson’s article delved into the critical topic of insurance coverage. He compared it to a sturdy bridge that can carry businesses over troubled waters in times of crisis.

Thompson explained why having enough insurance is so crucial. It’s like having a safety net that helps you sleep better at night, knowing your business is protected if the worst case scenario should happen. But he also understands the doubts that arise in people’s minds when talking about insurance. Some people think it’s just a sales pitch, while others worry that having more insurance coverage will attract bigger lawsuits.

However, Thompson addressed these concerns head-on. He explained that in today’s world, lawsuits happen regardless of insurance limits. And even if you don’t have big trucks, accidents can still lead to massive claims against your business.

Thompson’s message was clear: it’s much better to be safe than sorry. He advised businesses to make sure their insurance coverage matches the value of their company. In other words, don’t skimp on insurance just to save a few bucks now – it could cost you a lot more in the long run.

As Thompson highlighted the importance of solid insurance coverage, his message serves as a wakeup call for the propane industry to take action. It’s a poignant reminder to stay vigilant and proactive in protecting your business from potential risks.

While Thompson’s advice is invaluable, there are additional steps businesses can take to stay safe beyond basic insurance coverage. Propane Safety Pro offers a user-friendly app designed to help businesses manage safety training, emergency planning, and compliance tasks. By combining digital tools with Thompson’s insurance wisdom, businesses can build a strong safety net to weather any storm.

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The insights presented in this article stem from the expertise of Frank B. Thompson, a seasoned professional in the insurance industry. With a background as a chartered property and casualty underwriter, Thompson brings extensive experience to the table. As the proprietor of PT Risk Management, an independent insurance company specializing in propane and petroleum risk policies across the United States, his perspectives offer valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the propane industry.

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