Seamless Integration: Ecobee Thermostats and Generac Propane Tank Monitors

Smart Home Synergy: Ecobee Thermostats and Generac Propane Tank Monitors Unite

In a move set to simplify home energy management and provide peace of mind during power outages, ecobee, a leading smart thermostat manufacturer, and its parent company, Generac Power Systems, have announced an exciting integration. All Ecobee smart thermostats released since 2014 are compatible with Generac’s 4G LTE cellular propane tank monitors. This integration allows homeowners to monitor their propane tank’s fuel levels directly from their smart thermostat screens.

Enhancing Home Energy Management

Kyle Raabe, Executive Vice President of Consumer Power at Generac Power Systems, emphasizes the benefits of this collaboration: “By integrating fuel monitoring and ecobee smart thermostats, we’re helping customers simplify monitoring their home’s energy needs and giving peace of mind that their generators are ready to power on in an outage.”

The Generac propane tank monitor, a compact cellular device designed to attach to the exterior of the propane tank, continuously tracks the remaining fuel levels. This proactive approach enables homeowners to avoid fuel shortages and effectively plan for timely deliveries, ensuring an uninterrupted energy supply.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

With this integration, ecobee’s smart thermostat owners who have a Generac propane tank monitor and subscribe to tank monitoring via Mobile Link gain a valuable advantage. They can quickly check fuel levels directly from their thermostat screens and receive real-time alerts when the tank’s fuel levels dip, ensuring they are always well-prepared.

Moreover, the ecobee smart thermostat provides additional layers of security and convenience. It sends alerts if the monitor experiences connectivity issues or requires new batteries, ensuring homeowners remain informed and ready to act promptly.

Universal Compatibility

This groundbreaking integration is not limited to specific ecobee models; it encompasses all ecobee smart thermostat models released since 2014. Whether you own an ecobee3, ecobee3 lite, ecobee4, SmartThermostat with Voice Control, Smart Thermostat Enhanced, or Smart Thermostat Premium, you can take advantage of this seamless integration.

Toward a More Unified Smart Home

Both ecobee and Generac are committed to creating unified and efficient smart homes. This collaboration marks a significant step in their journey, and they are enthusiastic about further expanding their integration capabilities. As smart home technologies evolve, this integration between ecobee thermostats and Generac propane tank monitors demonstrates a commitment to enhancing homeowners’ lives by simplifying energy management and ensuring preparedness for any situation.

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