Propane Truck Crash Cleared, Residents Return in Vardaman, Mississippi

Vardaman, Mississippi – On Friday morning, September 22, a propane truck crash near Highway 341, north of Vardaman, led to traffic disruptions and a precautionary evacuation of nearby homes.

Seth Dover, who witnessed the incident in front of his brother’s residence on Highway 341 at County Road 439, reported that the crash occurred between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

Calhoun County Emergency Management Director, Randy Skinner, announced that emergency responders successfully extricated the trapped driver from the truck and promptly airlifted him to a hospital for the treatment of head trauma.

In the interest of safety, a precautionary evacuation was enforced for a handful of homes within a half-mile radius of the accident site. Simultaneously, a specialized hazardous materials team diligently worked to contain and prevent any further leakage of propane from the crashed truck.

Traffic on both the north and south sides of Highway 341 near the accident was temporarily blocked to facilitate emergency response efforts.

As the day progressed, responders worked tirelessly to clear the scene and ensure the community’s safety. By 12:32 p.m. that day, traffic was allowed to resume on Highway 341, and residents were given the green light to return to their homes, marking a successful resolution to the incident.

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