Propane Tank Safety: Essential Tips from Sheridan County, Wyoming

In the wake of several incidents last year, Jesse Ludikhuize, the Emergency Management Coordinator in Sheridan County, Wyoming, shared vital propane tank safety tips during a recent appearance on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse. These guidelines are essential for residential and commercial propane users to follow, particularly as most tanks have a capacity of around 500 gallons.

Ludikhuize emphasized the importance of regular tank and system maintenance to prevent potentially dangerous malfunctions. He offered practical advice for homeowners and businesses to ensure emergency safety and preparedness.

Key recommendations include removing snow from around the tank and marking its location with a flag during heavy snowfall. This step is critical to help firefighters quickly locate and access the tank if they need to shut off the gas supply during an emergency.

Additionally, Ludikhuize stressed the importance of keeping the tank and all connecting pipes clear and well-maintained. Such preventive measures are vital for safety.

In the event of a gas leak, identifiable by a distinct rotten egg smell added by manufacturers for safety, residents should immediately leave the area, seek shelter in a vehicle or another building, and contact Fire and Rescue from a safe distance. Firefighters are equipped to detect and address gas leaks, including shutting off the gas at its source.

For more information and safety guidelines, Ludikhuize advised contacting local propane providers. They can offer detailed maintenance guidance and safety tips to protect homes and families.

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