Propane Explosion Injures Elderly Couple in Spafford, NY

In a harrowing incident, a couple in their 70’s narrowly escaped death when they unintentionally left their propane tanks near their camper, resulting in an explosion in the Upstate New York town of Spafford.

Late in the morning of September 25, state police rushed to Spafford, in Onondaga County, in response to an explosion involving a pickup truck with an attached Northern Lite camper secured to the truck bed.

Upon their arrival, troopers faced the daunting task of sifting through the debris to locate 74-year-old Barbara Hamlin, who was trapped beneath the rubble. Nearby, her husband, 75-year-old Robert Hamlin, was also discovered.

Investigations suggest the couple inadvertently left the propane tanks connected to their camper overnight. When Barbara Hamlin entered the trailer late in the morning and ignited the stove, it triggered a catastrophic explosion.

Both victims were promptly transported to the hospital to receive treatment for their injuries, which, fortunately, were non-life-threatening. Barbara Hamlin sustained a broken ankle and various burns, while Robert Hamlin suffered burns to his face.

Additionally, an adjacent residence sustained damage due to the force of the explosion, as confirmed by the authorities.

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