OPIS Index: Unveiling Clean Energy Costs

Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) both shine as promising alternatives for cleaner energy fuels. However, determining the actual cost of carbon-neutral NGLs has not been a simple feat, until recently.

The OPIS Carbon Offset NGL/LPG Index, a revolutionary tool from the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), is tailored to increasing understanding surrounding renewable NGLs, making this index a game-changer.

This innovative index draws on OPIS Spot Gas Liquids price assessments and core carbon credits evaluations. What makes it stand out is its commitment to daily reporting, offering real-time data on the environmental impact of NGLs and LPG. By factoring in carbon credit assessments, the OPIS Index provides a comprehensive view of their carbon neutrality, thereby enabling investors to make informed decisions.

Who stands to benefit from this groundbreaking tool? Producers, distributors, and environmentally-conscious consumers alike. The OPIS Index empowers stakeholders to choose cleaner energy options, steering us toward a more sustainable energy future. Beyond that, it unravels the complexities of the market, offering a clearer understanding of the true environmental impact of NGLs and LPG.

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