New PERC Guide Enhances Safety in Propane Mower Use

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has introduced a new safety manual titled, “Propane Safety for Commercial Mowers.” This release comes just in time for the crucial training months, aiming to bolster business safety practices utilizing commercial propane mowers. Accessible through creating a free account at, this guide is an essential resource for operators.

Mike Newland, Director of Agriculture Business Development at PERC, emphasizes the importance of this period for safety training. “The winter months offer an excellent opportunity to update crews on the safe usage and maintenance of propane commercial mowers,” he notes. Newland also highlights this time as ideal for reviewing fleet operations and considering new equipment investments, promoting propane mowers as a cost-effective, clean energy solution that doesn’t compromise performance.

Propane’s cost-effectiveness at the pump allows businesses to place more competitive bids. The guide points out the efficiency of propane-powered landscaping equipment, noting its advantage over gasoline or electric counterparts due to quicker refueling capabilities. Key topics covered in the guide include fuel supply management, different cylinder types, cylinder storage and replacement, and training necessities.

Newland adds, “With propane, businesses benefit from customized support from dedicated suppliers, a service level not typically found with traditional fuel or utility providers.” This tailored assistance can be crucial for training and compliance in the use of propane equipment.

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